A Privacy Practice Reminder

Do you use a date in your email address, login name or password ? Here are some recommendations !!

As a matter of privacy, please change your user ids to not have your birth dates, other dates of relevance, in there. You will be surprised how many times a username / password is leaked. Preferably, use a password manager.

Apple, Google, Microsoft and Firefox ship very capable tools for password management. Some people do not like to use those, and for them there are third party offerings, with both free and paid licenses. I have evaluated Bitwarden and LastPass in the past, and finally settled on my OS provided one, because it allowed me to remember only one credentials for access. Yes, it puts me at risk if I lose that, or if the vendor decides to lock me out. But, I am safer that way then forgetting the password to the password store itself.

If you already have accounts what have the above combination, and the site allows you to change it, please act on priority.

If the site does not support renaming, and the accounts are "not important" from a "losing data" perspective, please delete them and create new ones with random names / passwords generated by the password manager.

For email, you should create a new one without those numbers, and have the emails "forward" to the new account. And, in the future, use the new email address.

No matter your age, you still have a long life of sharing contact details with people, so it will be worth upgrading now.

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