Exclusive Internship For Developers - Details

What You will experience in the internship ? : (Objectives)

  • Understand the process of learning technology and tools
  • Effective reading of documentation related to the tools and libraries used
  • Understand basics and use them as blocks for building complex concepts
  • Internalise the industry best practices
  • This programme is intended to make the participant industry ready, so focuses on the practical aspects of work, which is "internet aided programming". This is more like a "Open Book test" learning strategy - you need to know where and how to access the content to be successful.

What will you be doing ? : (Structure)

By the end of the internship, you'll have hands-on experience with:

  • Docker and Docker Compose usage
  • Git versioning, pull requests, branches
  • Writing tests and using structured programming
  • Network programming
  • Database concepts, including writing your own rudimentary DBMS using files

The programme will, broadly, follow the structure of the Masterclass

What tools will you be using ? : ( Enablers )

  • ChatGPT or any other GenAI helper to answer questions
  • IDE of choice
  • Official Documentation of all the tools and languages used

What you will not rely on ? : ( Discouraged )

  • Blogs
  • Tutorials
  • Videos

What will MandrakeTech provide ? : ( Expectations )

  • Enable overall structure
  • Discord channel for communication
  • 30 mins per week of 1:1 work review, or explaining concepts
  • 1 offline review of work, and solving doubts
  • Pointers to documentation where relevant
  • Honest evaluation, direction, feedback at every stage requested

What will MandrakeTech not provide ? : ( Non-Expectations )

  • Will never give you a direct answer (no "spoon feeding")
  • Will never "evaluate" you ( there are always multiple right answers )
  • Will never write code for you


This programme is designed to align with the learning pace of the intern. So, the fee will be charged on a "per month" basis.

Reach out to me on LinkedIn or via Email.