Migrating Password Managers ?

Recently, LastPass, my favourite password manager until then, reported a leak. It got me thinking. Do I need another "paid" service, or have the "other" providers caught up?

So, I went down the track of evaluating Bitwarden and iCloud. Between these two services, I have all my family members covered.

It was not a "simple" decision. Because everyone's use case is different.

The younger members of the family are on Windows (and iPhone, of course), while I am on the Apple ecosystem. The Spouse uses only the phone, so does not care. I have a lot of Credit cards and other "secure" information that I keep in my notes. The others do not need that, yet.

I tried using Bitwarden and realised that the integration with the Apple ecosystem, especially the Card filling and the TOTP handling, are not so good. So, leaving the rest of the family to use Bitwarden, I started my journey of migrating to iCloud. That is when I realised, that no tool gives a "complete" migration.

Being the engineer that I am, I created a tool for exporting a #Bitwarden exported JSON to #iCloud #Keychain importable CSV(for password), and Apple Notes importable txt files (For notes).

You can access that at:


This one uses Python.

Will do a blog post with my learnings soon.