Hire Me

Given my experience, here are some ideas on why you would want to hire me. These are starting points, but not the only reasons:

Freelance / Consultant

I have over 25 years of corporate, and startup, experience that includes, but not limited to:

  • Building Datacenter management control plane products
  • Building Network management and reporting control plane products
  • Building products from a "one liner" within enterprises
  • Building and managing operations, technology, and products for early stage startups

I am also savvy with:

  • setting up and operating private limited companies in India
  • working with Chartered Accountants, and other compliance agents
  • working with recruiters, and trainers

Technology bouncing board

All senior, mid, and junior technologists and managers in corporate world need someone to bounce off ideas. Some times, its lonely, because:

  • there are no peers you can go to
  • you are looking for out of the box thinking
  • want to get a TLDR of the solution surface area of your work domain

Technology coach and mentor

  • you are looking for TLDR versions of discussions that are happening in meetings
  • you want to bounce off possible analysis, actions, and thoughts with someone not at your workplace
  • you want your company's next line leadership team to have a "go to" person, when you are not available, or maybe just an "independent" place